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Nathan Thompson

I am so thankful to be learning in person this year at University of Wisconsin-Stout. This year was my first time serving as a Week One Orientation (WOO!) leader, a UW-Stout admissions tour guide, and student organization president. Each of these has given me a unique perspective of Stout and what it means to learn "polytechnic". The coursework this year prepared me for my senior capstone experience, a year-long mechanical design endeavor for graduating underclassmen.

For the summer, I am working at a Mechanical engineering internship at OXBO International, where I will be designing and testing tow-behind agricultural equipment used around the globe. I am also helping my family by taking care of the farm while they are at shows. There is never a dull moment on the farm!

I look forward to what next year holds, and what lies beyond graduation. Thank you again, for supporting my education, and making my journey at Stout possible.


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