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It has been since 1991 that the Percheron Horse Association of America Education and Charitable Fund (hereafter referred to as the E & C Fund) was set up as a 501 (c) (3) organization with a defined purpose approved by the IRS. The reason for creating this corporation was to give donors to the E & C Fund an IRS charitable deduction and to enable a financial method for working with the youth of our members. The purpose of the E & C Fund is as stated in the Articles of Incorporation with the IRS and By-laws:

  • Organized with the purpose and with the object of providing cultural, historical and educational insight into the Percheron draft horse to future youth and breeders.

  • To conduct studies, instruction, training and research for the continuous growth and perpetuation of the Percheron draft horse in America.

  • To make available gifts, grants, and scholarships to the youth for continuous perpetuation of the Percheron horse.

  • To carry out any lawful purpose permitted a charitable educational organization under section 501 (c) (3).

Many people think the E & C Fund is just part of the Percheron Horse Association (PHA) but that is not so. It is a separate corporation that does not get involved in the PHA Breed Registry or the World Percheron Congress. Our main source of income for operating is the interest from two certificates of deposit and donations by people like you. We are pleased to announce that with your help we have invested over $100,000 in grants for clinics and scholarships. The E & C Fund works with the Percheron Association for the betterment of the breed, education, and to keep our youth engaged for the perpetuation of the Percheron Horse.

The E & C Fund must work with and only within the guidelines that have been set up for protection of our not-for-profit status. Our trustees are not paid and all money raised is used for the previously stated purposes in order to retain our not-for-profit status with the IRS. Any donation that you make to the E & C Fund is fully tax deductible according to 501 -(c) (3) standards.

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