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2016 Ralph Coddington Memorial Scholarship- Andrea Ledgerwood- Angola, IN

Updated: May 6, 2021

When I first began showing Perherons, I admired their lighthearted spirit, tenacity, and their willingness to work. While beginning to train my yearling, Dexter, I also began to encounter their stubborn and playful spirit; and at times this could be frustrating and it seemed like it would be easier to give up. While beginning my freshmen year of college, I encountered difficult classes and seemingly impossible assignments; and at times this was frustrating and it seemed like it would be easier to give up. I guess you could say that Dexter’s tenacity and unwillingness to give up rubbed off on me, because I kept pushing through my first year of college just as I did in the practice pen with a stubborn yearling. Before I knew it, I had four semesters under my belt and had achieved Dean’s list standing.

I have had the privilege of calling Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana my home for the past two years as I pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I am currently on an accelerated program to receive my degree in just three years instead of four - so I am eagerly approaching my graduation in May of 2019. This means that I am taking a full course load each semester in addition to several classes each summer in order to obtain the credits needed to graduate. When I began my college career, I made fiscal responsibility a goal of mine - the three-year program at Grace helped immensely with this goal. From the start of my freshmen year, I strived to pay for each semester of college as I went along by working and through scholarships. This was an impossible task for me to complete on my own, but thanks to the Ralph Coddington Scholarship with the Percheron Horse Association Education Fund, I was not in it alone. I am so thankful for this organization coming alongside me each year and helping me pay for my tuition. Over the past three years, their generosity and encouragement has astounded me as they help me pursue my dream of being a successful marketer.

In a few short months when I graduate, I look forward to using my degree in Marketing to make a difference in the communities where I have grown up. I have chosen to pursue a career path where I will have the opportunity to learn about people and discover how I can best serve them. Working with and for non-profits has always been an interest of mine and I would love to make a career of consulting with local non-profits to help their business and marketing strategies. And of course, you will find a few Percherons in my back yard; so if you can’t find me in my office, you know where I will be.

None of these goals would be possible without the help of the Percheron Horse Association Education Fund’s help - I am beyond thankful for all they have done. I can say with 100% confidence that I would not be where I am today if it were not for this wonderful association and the generous people working behind the scenes.


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