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2018 Tom Berry Memorial Scholarship- Bennett French- Weston, MO

Updated: May 6, 2021

I am the eldest of three children raised in rural Platte County, in Dearborn, Missouri. I was raised on the farm where my grandpa, Lonnie Boydston, taught me a tremendous amount about the Percheron breed. I grew to love the shiny, black Percheron horse early on, now I recognize my love for the classy look of a dapple-grey mare. Before I could walk, I was doing chores with my Grandpa. Feeding and caring for these massive horses was a daily joy. I learned the meaning of hard work. Never quitting or giving up was instilled in me at a very young age. The summers on the farm were my greatest times. Preparing for the shows, and spending countless hours of leading youth colts up and down the driveway - what an awesome pastime for me.

Five years ago, the most influential man in my life was taken from me, my grandpa. Losing him changed my life. Our family farm was sold, over 100 draft horses and mules were taken to auction in Maryville, Missouri as well as the farm machinery auctioned off. Overcoming this hardship has turned me into a stronger, better man. Even though I am no longer on grandpa’s farm every day, I have never forgotten the valuable lessons I have learned, or the work ethic that was passed down to me. I still love going to my aunt’s farm, and hitching up a team for a Sunday afternoon drive. I have a great love for the Percheron breed and have extremely high hopes to show them again, in my future.

Currently, I attend college at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, MO for Animal Science/Pre-veterinary Medicine. I want to work in the large animal field, especially with draft horses and cattle, since they were my first love of animals. I would love to represent the Percheron Horse Association, and have the Percheron Association Education and Charitable Fund stand behind me through my college years. I promise to work hard and dedicate myself to be a stronger student and athlete every day. I plan to chase my dreams with all the determination the Good Lord give me. I will never give up until I succeed. I am blessed and consider it a great honor to receive the Tom Berry Memorial Scholarship from the PHAOA Education and Charitable Fund.

Thank you,

Ben French


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