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Donamerr's Miss Lindsay

Updated: May 6, 2021

Pictured is the 1986 World Champion Percheron Mare, Donamerr's Miss Lindsay. Lindsay was owned and exhibited by the Tribbling Family of Uxbridge, Ontario. Lindsay was sired by M.E.F. Hot Shot II, a Pennsylvania stallion from the breeding herd of the late Percheron Hall of Famer, Marvyn Forwood. Hot Shot was linebred to Greenwood Avon and he found his way to Canada where he then established himself as one of the great sires in the breed. The big, rangy, grey horse produced many broodmares for Glynlea Percherons that were very much to the same type as Donamerr's Miss Lindsay- having impressive long necks and style, while retaining their draft horse type.

Lindsay's dam, Blackhome D D Addie was a daughter of Innishugh Duke, and its through him that she finds her way back to Riverbend Monkoncarlaet; a stallion who was perhaps best known for being the sire of the unequaled, Justamere Showtime. Innishugh Duke's dam was an own daughter of the famous Drake Farms Chief. On the very bottom side of this World Champion's pedigree we find more familiar names, such as College Major- a horse that was very much an essential part of the foundational heart and soul of the Blackhome breeding program.

Miss Lindsay would go on to be bred to the renowned Blackhome Grandeur Lyn, producing two daughters from that cross for the Tribbling family. Later, the Tribblings found another successful cross when they bred the mare to the stallion South Valley Prince Ha Ha, a twice grandson of Justamere Showtime. From this cross the Percheron breed was given the stallion Donamerr S Magnum, a powerful breeding horse that was unfortunately lost well before his time. Still, during his tenure at Pennwoods Percherons, Magnum sired several exciting foals, including Pennwood's Mag-nitude, (the dam of the All American, Pennwood's Evanescence), and the stallion Pennwood's Cabernet. Cabernet's mother was the legendary hitch mare, Champagne, who hailed from the Robinson breeding program in Richland, Michigan. Cabernet would head stud services at the budding Percheron breeding farm of Lloyd Farnham. The Farnham's acquisition of this horse would prove to, in later years, bring their Vermont based breeding program greater recognition as Cabernet's son, F.C. Foster, produced stallions and mares that took to harness much akin to their great-grandmother, Champagne.

As we must so often note, great mares establish breeding programs and propel the entire breed and heavy horse industry forward. So it was with Donamerr's Miss Lindsay, who helped to establish the Tribbling's breeding operation as one of the most premier in Canada. Moreover, her influence trickled to other programs through her offspring and grand offspring, thus starting a powerful ripple that continues within the Percheron breed, today.


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